We are a dedicated team of technology enthusiasts with shared creative mode of operation. The sheet metal products are not manufactured just by means of indispensable machinery and tools. The main contributions on the successful result are the skilful hands of our employees. Their names as well as an entry material and technological procedures are recorded not just in the manufacturing database.

Laser Cutting and Punching

On our CNC Laser Cutting and Punching machines we section the raw sheet metal to desired shapes and contours. Additionally we may form sheet metals in various ways and create cups, louvers, stepping, threads, countersinks and more. The quality is determined not just by the sharp tool.

Sheet Metal Bending

The sheet metals are formed to the desired shape by means of die bending, folding or rolling. The newest robotic bending cell with automatized tool exchange was a huge boost in productivity.


We are able to perform welding on your products by a broad range of technologies. We weld mild steel, stainless steel for aluminium alloys both manual and robotic by methods such as MIG/ MAG, electrical resistance or laser beam. We have been using this cutting edge technology since 2011 and are proud on our results


For machining both the state-of-the-art CNC machinery and the conventional machines are employed. On our 8 CNC and 3 conventional machines we process mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium alloys. Our two 5-axis CNC milling centres Hermle 400 guarantee precise and effective production.

Surface Treatment

We offer surface treatment in our powder coating plant by which full control over quality and date of delivery is ensured. The whole process involves three basic steps: automatic chemical pretreatment, powder application (applied manually or automatically) and curing in the oven. For a welded construction we offer pretreatment with steel grit blasting.

Assembling and Packing

Our assembly team conducts the assembly of your parts, sub-assemblies and assemblies. We perform functional tests, packing according the packing instructions and delivery according the arranged conditions.

Product Optimization

Our know-how and expertise won in 20+ years of experience working with sheet metals enable us to help you optimize your product. The clever bending instead of assembling of more parts together? Forming the thread or other elements directly on punching machine in order to avoid expensive machining? Unnecessary grinding thanks to welding procedure optimization? Those are just examples which may reduce the manufacturing costs of your products. We are happy to assist you on your way to optimize them.