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Redesign of our websites

In our company the innovation takes place not just in the realm of fabrication machines. Our websites have deserved a new design for a long time – and now they got it! The intention is to present our range of technologies and the typical products manufactured by Sinop so you get the idea about our manufacturing capabilities. The focus was laid on easy on the eye design and creative photos featuring our employees and representing our mindset. We are hoping that you find all you need here and that you like it.

Trade Fair ESEF Maakindustrie Utrecht 2024

The team from Sinop SMP has participated as an active exhibitor at the trade fait ESEF Maakindustrie in Utrecht, the Netherlands. We showcased our expertise in manufacturing of complex metal sheet assemblies for out customers. The central point of out booth was the self-manufactured metal sheet advertising column. If you visit us in Homole, you will be able to see it at our front desk.

The video from the fair:

Modernization of lighting

In September 2023 we carried out a complete replacement of luminaires in our company. In total more than 500 lights were changed. The new energy-efficient LED lights are not just saving electricity but also improving the work comfort of our employees.

Roller Levelling Machine

Our machine park was complemented with a precision leveller from German manufacturer Arku. This high-performing Roller Levelling Machine enables us to flatten laser-cut parts or stamped parts up to 15 mm of sheet metal thickness. The flatness of 0,1 mm can be achieved as a standard. The parts are not just made perfectly flat, but the material is also relieved of internal stresses. Thanks to that the subsequent bending or welding of the parts tends to be more stable and time-efficient. Right now we newly offer the sheet metal precision flattening as a service for our customers.

Machining center Hermle C400 + Handling System Flex

In Sinop we have been happily producing on the machining center Hermle over the 6 years already. Based on our positive experience with this high-precision and high-productive machine a decision was made to invest in another Hermle machine. This time enhanced and equipped with a so-called Handling System Flex. It is possible to load workpieces to up to 22 pallets from where they are automatically fed into the milling area and subsequently stored back. This high degree of automation propels our efficiency and facilitates more effective use of our resources.

More technical information:

  • 5-axis indexed and continuous milling
  • Workspace – the object of ø650mm/ Height of 500mm
  • Contour Control System– Heidenhain TNC640
  • Number of tools – 38 positions + additonal toolbox ZM with 88 positions
  • Spindle revolution – 18000 rev/min
  • Engine Power 20kW
  • Cooling pressure 80bar
  • Automation – HS Flex (22 pallets)

CNC Turning Machine Mazak Quick Turn 200MB

The turned parts are produced in Sinop on our 4 CNC turning machines and on one conventional lathe. The new reinforcement for our CNC Turning team is machine from Japanese manufacturer Mazak Quick Turn 200 MB. The investments in the metal turning equipment are rounding up our production portfolio and facilitate our goal to provide all-round metal manufacturing solution.

Coordinate Measuring Machine Wenzel

Our old CMM machine was after long years of reliable service replace with a brand-new state –of-the-art CMM Wenzel LH87.  This gantry measuring machine equipped with air-bearing gantry gauges offer simply next level of mechanical accuracy and measuring reliability. Due to the intelligent software the measurements can be reliably automated.

Measuring range:

X= 800 mm, Y= 1500 mm, Z= 700 mm

Vertical Carousel Storage System Kardex

Our family of vertical automated storage systems has grown. The new Kardex Megamat is located next to our powder coating system. Its 40 carriers will easily fit up to 500 boxes with powder coating paint.

TruBend Cell 5000 + Tool Master

In Sinop we already have an extensive experience in sheet metal bending and folding. We are now expanding our competence further with the productive robotized system. The new universal bending cell TruBend Cell 5000 is the perfect solution to bend parts up to length of 4200 mm and weight of up to 40 kg. This powerful machine takes care of serial production and tedious work thus allows our experienced employees to focus on the single-item production or more complex parts. The machine is also equipped with an automatic tool magazine Tool Master offering currently the highest possible grade of automation.

Software TruTops Boost

We are programming almost all of our laser, punching and bending machines from the office. The advanced options provided us with the TruTops Boost software allows us to make even more efficient use of material. The programming of our press-breaks saves our time and expensive trial & error tests.