Sheet Metal Bending

We utilize three technologies to form the metal sheets: die bending with press brakes, CNC Folding and rolling. This processing variability, top-class machinery and our extensive experience enable us to process orders effectively and deliver ultimate quality.

Die Bending with Press Brake

  • Custom manufacturing as well as large volume production
  • Software simulation of bending feasibility
  • CNC programming of press brakes from office
  • “Z” bend, flattened hems and radius bends
  • Bending flexibility thanks to 6-axis backgauge
  • Maximal bending length 3000 m, maximal sheet thickness 10 mm


 CNC Folding

On our Salvagnini panel bender the blank is revolved automatically and multiple bends up or down, can be created in rapid succession including radius bends and 180° bends (flattened hem). All of this is possible just with one universal tool.

  • For high volume production, but also for smaller batches
  • Automated bending process
  • Automatic correction based on the measured sheet thickness
  • Automatic correction based on the measured value of spring back
  • High precision and repeatability
  • Maximal bending length 2180 mm, maximal sheet thickness 3 mm



  • Individual and serial production
  • Rolling on the plate rolling machine with four actuated rolls
  • Roll diameter 70 mm
  • CNC control
  • Feasibility to roll intricate elliptical shapes
  • Maximal work length 1040 mm, maximal sheet thickness 2 mm