We offer surface treatment in our powder coating plant by which full control over quality and date of delivery is ensured. The powder coating is a modern type of surface treatment by which a colorful coating is created by means of free-flowing dry powder. The whole process involves three basic steps: automatic chemical pretreatment, powder application (applied manually or automatically) and curing in the oven. The powder coating is advantageous as it is ecological, economical and high-quality process.
For a welded construction we offer pretreatment with steel grit blasting.
We offer post-treatment services such as deburring with a deburring machine, polishing and brushing.


Powder Coating

  • Custom manufacturing as well as large volume production
  • 5-steps chemical pre-treatment
  • Manual and automated powder application
  • Smooth, fine and coarse surface structure
  • Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Low sheen and Eggshell finishing
  • Maximal dimensions 1650 x 1800 x 3500 mm


 Deburring with a Deburring Machine

  • Metal sheet thickness in range 0,3 – 12 mm
  • Vacuum table
  • Three technological sections
  • Maximal width 1350 mm
  • Processing of mild steel
  • Processing of stainless steel


Grinding, Brushing and Polishing

  • Polishing, brushing and grinding of stainless steel
  • Polishing, brushing and grinding of brass
  • Manual grinding with a flexible shaft
  • Manual belt grinding machine for pipes
  • Welded drip trays
  • Dispenser racks