Machining center Hermle C400 + Handling System Flex

In Sinop we have been happily producing on the machining center Hermle over the 6 years already. Based on our positive experience with this high-precision and high-productive machine a decision was made to invest in another Hermle machine. This time enhanced and equipped with a so-called Handling System Flex. It is possible to load workpieces to up to 22 pallets from where they are automatically fed into the milling area and subsequently stored back. This high degree of automation propels our efficiency and facilitates more effective use of our resources.

More technical information:

  • 5-axis indexed and continuous milling
  • Workspace – the object of ø650mm/ Height of 500mm
  • Contour Control System– Heidenhain TNC640
  • Number of tools – 38 positions + additonal toolbox ZM with 88 positions
  • Spindle revolution – 18000 rev/min
  • Engine Power 20kW
  • Cooling pressure 80bar
  • Automation – HS Flex (22 pallets)